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Imminent Storm
I graduated from West Surrey College of Art and Design in the late 1970s and went on to complete a Post Graduate Certificate in Art and Design Education in 1980. I became involved in the London animation scene and freelanced for many of the leading animation studios producing Commercials, TV indents and films, before setting up an animation company with my partner and husband Simon. After many years of producing award winning children's animated TV series such as Wolves Witches and Giants, Grizzly Tales and Binka, I returned to my Fine Art roots and in 2007 gained an MA in Fine Art.

Having lived and worked in a remote area of the south west for over 20 years it is inevitable that this environment has become part of my being and I search to find a visual language that articulates my perceptions of place through an exploration of colour and mark making. The work is an intuitive response to particular areas of the landscape and coast that are important to me, communicating the mood, atmosphere and energy of the subject matter, and reflecting on the raw elemental power of the weather and effects of the ever changing light. My work is in oils and evolves through the process of building up layers of paint creating a sensuous surface of textures created by a variety of tools, marks and gestures.

I run workshops and courses in both painting and drawing, offering both young people and adults an opportunity to experiment and investigate a variety of techniques and ways of expressing their ideas.

Seil Near Oban 01
Oil on Canvas
Ninjizal To Porthgwara
Oil on Canvas
Loch Fyne IX The Look Out
Oil on Canvas
Imminent Storm
Oil on Canvas
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