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At the beginning of the millenium, a group of artists based in the South West came together to form the South West Academy of Fine and Applied Arts. Their purpose was to create an organization for the South West Region that was dedicated to advancing the education of the public in the Fine and Applied Arts, and in particular to promote the appreciation and practice of the Fine and Applied Arts. Inspired by Brian Bearne and fuelled by a legacy from Zbigniew Drecki, the Academy was formed and staged its first Open Show in the Royal Albert Museum and Exeter Phoenix in the year 2000. Encouraged by substantial support for the first Open Show, and sponsorship and extraordinary help from a number of organizations connected with the arts in the South West, the Academy quickly grew into a formidable presence.

In order to fulfil that part of its mission in the Fine and Applied Arts devoted to Education, the Academy founded the Drecki Lecture, and quickly established the highly successful and enduring Schools' Exhibition in 2001, bringing together in central Exeter a magnificent collection of work from schools across the region. Over time this event has metamorphosed into the Young Artists' Exhibition, and in 2012 will become the Young Artists' Award, with an associated show. Throughout its first decade the Academy has received substantial and generous support from a range of sponsors, and practical, financial and artistic support from the Friends of the Academy, whose sterling efforts have underpinned the organization from its very beginnings. Find out more about the Academy's history on the Academy Page.

In preparation for the next decade, the Academy has modernized its organizational structure and has refreshed its aims and objectives to become more inclusive and wide ranging, reflective of new movements and energy in the Arts. It has begun recruiting new and young talent, and has a renewed focus on the Applied Arts. Dedicated now to a minimum of three exhibitions per annum in city centre locations across the South West, and an ever-growing programme of events and educational activities, the Academy is set fair for another successful year.

Here we present in detail our achievements of the past and our plans for the future. We invite you to learn about our family of distinguished practitioners and supporters here in the South West. We would welcome you to any of the planned events detailed here, and perhaps a closer association with us in the years to come.

The Trustees
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